Week 8 ending 10/18

Monday No School Tuesday through Thursday Finish Section 1.6 in packet + any other work you do not have completed Optional: Complete Canvas>MOM Sec 1.5 +1.6 Complete the paper practice test in blue packet : Chapter 1 Practice test Key Complete the Canvas>Chapter 1> End of Chapter 1 Online Test. Due Thursday night 10/17 by […]

Week 7 ending 10/11

Monday In class Questions about Section 1.5 Transformations. Get the paper exercises completed.¬† My sec 1-5 key PDF HW Paper slide video requirement. See Canvas. Due Friday 10/18. This is a Summative grade. Get any missing work completed. Tuesday In class: Learning Target: I can find and evaluate the inverse of a function defined by […]

Getting Online help

Between 7 and 9 pm Friday and Saturday evenings (I may just have the window open, but it would be a safer bet to send me an email well before that you plan on attending.) Before you join the online meeting, go out to https://zoom.us/test and make sure that you have the ZOOM¬† (a plug […]

Week 6 ending 10/3

Monday-Thursday In class Mad Minute Factoring Expanding polynomials Learning target: I can describe transformations of functions in words, graphically, analytically. Notes p 34-35 Complete pages 36-43. Here is my work HW This work These two assignments are due by the end of the day Thursday 10/3 Canvas > MOM Section 1.3 and 1.4 Canvas>Mid Chapter […]

Week5 ending 9/27

Monday/Tuesday Mad Minute each day Finish textbook exercises sec 1.3 (notes packet) There is a combo Canvas>MOM sec 1.3 and 1.4 exercise set. That will be due by next Monday. HW PS 1 is due Friday at the start of class Watch this video for Wednesday and take notes in the Section 1.4 packet pp […]

Week 4 ending 9/20

Monday In class quiz on sections 1.1 and 1.2 HW Anything you don’t have done. Perhaps the optional quiz out in Canvas? Pick up the new 1.3 note sheets <PDF>Correct Notes for 1-3 and watch this video for Thursday   Tuesday College Fair @ RBCTC Wednesday The administration is directing me to administer the StarMath […]

Week 3 ending 9/13

Monday You may be taking the Accuplacer. Hope you do well and can show that you are capable of college level classes. Spend 20-30 minutes outside class making this time up. Workday Finishing Sec 1.1 and starting section 1.2 Working on the two Moodle>MOM assignments Order of operations and MOM sec 1.1 HW Anything that […]

Week 2 ending 9/6

Monday: No School Tuesday WMCC will speak to you about Running Start, the dual enrollment opportunity you have by taking this course at Oxbow. Course Expectations Sign-off is due. If time remains in the period, you will set up your Canvas account. Work on the Order of Operations MOM exercise. Due Friday 9/13. Wednesday In […]

Week 1 ending 8/30

Monday No School for you Tuesday No School for you Wednesday (30 min class) In Class: What works for you + Who am I Growth vs Fixed Mind Set Inventory How you are getting graded HW: Get the Course Expectations signed. Due Tuesday 9/3 Thursday In class: Growth vs Fixed Mind Set Inventory Personality Test […]

Summer Time and the Living is easy

Go outside and swim. If you are bored, go check this out <link> If you are really bored but feel creative, make your own Dickie Goodman style news report and share it back with me.