Week 21 ending 1/24

Start of Semester 2 Monday: No School for you Tuesday In Class: Learning target: We will be able to draw angles of rotation, identify: the quadrant the terminal ray is in, reference angles and reference triangles and find coterminal angles. Notebook packet page 1 My answers <link> HW: This notebook page Here are the answers […]

Week 19 and 20 ending 1/17

Monday 1/6 In Class: Work day finishing Chapter 4 and completing your Notes Packet. This will be collected before you sit for the mid-year exam and graded while you take the exam. It is a Formative Completion grade. You may opt out of this but it makes Problem sets worth a larger percentage of your […]

Week 18 ending 1/3

Monday – Wednesday No school Thursday In Class Learning Target: We will be able to write log functions to represent a graph Completing Sections 4.5 in packet If you miss class:   There is also a Short Canvas> MOM exercise set. It would be a cheap 50 points. HW: Any work that you do not […]

Week 17 ending 12/20

Monday/Tuesday You did watch the video, right? In Class: Learning Target: We will be able to write an exponential function to represent a graph. Due Monday: We will complete the section 4.2 exercises in the packet. Here are the answers: 4-2 answers HW: Today’s work. Canvas> MOM Section 4.2 if you desire the grade. PS […]

Week 16 ending 12/13

Monday Work day to finish the paper exercises  on Notebook pp 15-16: 16 – 42 HW Problem Set due Thursday Canvas>Chapter 4 (Part 1) MMM Equivalent Due by Friday (meaning it will go in as missing in IC, but you can complete it after that, but before the quiz next week) Any make up work/Retest? […]

Week 15 ending 12/6

Monday: In class: Practice: Graphing Rational Function given the equation Logging on to Infinite Campus New Learning Target: I can solve a rational equation by clearing the denominators. Paper exercises + Canvas > Week 15 ending 12/6>Solving Rational Equations I need my period 6 prep today and am not available for help. HW This work […]

Week 13 and 14 ending 11/26

Monday In class: Learning target: I can graph a rational function given an equation. If you are not in class: For Practice complete Notes pages 49-53 Here are my answers Chapter 3 Sec 3-7 Exercises Key p 48-53 There is also a MOM sec 3.7 available in Canvas if you want the practice. Let me […]

Week 12 ending 11/15

Monday/Wednesday Tuesday was a Snow day: Happy June 10th In class: Learning Target: I can find all zeros of a polynomial HO Complete this work for Wednesday My answers <3.4-5-6 key> HW Name Project Any MOM work that you want to complete. Let me know if you wanted it counted. Canvas Quiz on Sections 3.1 […]

Week 11 ending 11/7 (Qtr 2 Week 1)

Monday In Class: Learning Targets: I can graph a polynomial function of higher degree I can write an equation for a polynomial function of higher degree given characteristics. Notes pages 20-22 Paper exercises Notes p 24-28 Optional MOM section 3.3 Name Project assigned <link> Due November 26. HW If you were not here Watch this about […]

Week 10 (end of Qtr 1) ending 11/1

Monday Continued from Friday In class: Learning Target: We will be able to solve absolute value equations and inequalities graphically and algebraically. Lippman p 153-154 1-25 odds Optional MOM Section 2.5 (See Canvas) HW This work Anything you have not completed. Optional Quiz on Chapter 2 work in Canvas. There will be an optional paper […]