Week 2 ending 9/6

Monday: No School Tuesday In Class: Bell Ringer: Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide fractions. Learning Target: I can simplify numeric expressions using the Order of Operations. Notebook work HW None Wednesday Learning target: I can evaluate algebraic expressions. Notebook work HW Today’s work if you did not complete it.   Thursday Warm up Review of: I can evaluate algebraic […]

Week 1 ending 8/30

Wednesday Welcome back to school! Growth vs Fixed Mind Set Inventory Front Page of INB HW Read Course Expectations and sign/get signed and return last page by Tuesday 9/3 Complete the Who am I sheet. Due Friday. Make sure to include 2 people you like working with and if there are two people you will […]

Summer Time and the Living is easy

Go outside and swim. If you are bored, go check this out <link> If you are really bored but feel creative, make your own Dickie Goodman style news report and share it back with me.