Week 4 ending 2/14

Monday In Class: Complete the Canvas> Find an Apartment research and  slide show Tuesday Anyone doing a Find an apartment stand up presentation? Today is the day. Learning Target: I can complete the New 1040 Income Tax Return Form New 1040 Income Tax Tables <link> If you are looking for some help in filing your […]

Week 3 ending 2/7

Monday Finish your Budgeting with Roommates role play. Two graded pieces of work: The Roommate agreement and the Budgeting sheet. One set per apartment. If you are finished, See Canvas>Find an Apartment Assignment. Have you taken the take home pay quiz? Use Callback/after school to complete it if not. Tuesday – Wednesday Complete the Canvas> […]

Week 2 ending 1/31

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday In Class: Workdays Finish the create your pay stub quiz. If you are ready (and there is one available) take someones quiz. If you can’t get this completed during these two days, I’ll call you back starting on Wednesday. In Canvas, complete the Percentage Practice Spring 2020 Quiz: I can work with Percentages If […]

Week 1 (ending 1/24)

Monday:No School for you Tuesday In Class: Needs vs Wants Signing into The Canvas Course Portal Parents: If you want access to the Canvas Portal, let me know. HW: Get the Course Expectations signed. Wednesday/Thursday In Class: You will find the links and the places to submit this work in Canvas. Learning Target: We will […]