Week 10 ending 11/1 (end of Qtr 1)

Monday – Wednesday Buy a car project. This is detailed in Canvas. HW Anything not finished. Wednesday is also the last day to turn in any missing work. Do you want some CallBack time? Thursday 15 minutes Skill Packet time Learning Target: I can calculate a weighted mean We need to be able to do […]

Week 9 ending 10/25

Monday In class Learning Target: I can calculate payments, total interest paid and calculate the total cost of  three type of loans: Student Loans, Automobile Loans, Home Mortgage. Using: Loan Calculator <link> HW This work Canvas Simple Interest Quiz + Compound Interest Quiz . Due by Friday 10/25 Any missing work? This is due by […]

Week 8 ending 10/18

  Monday: No school Tuesday In Class Learning target: We will understand and be able to calculate using a formula and an app how making regular deposits into an account takes advantage of Compound Interest. We did this on Friday: HO compound-interest Learn how to use this applet <link> By the end of next week […]

Week 7 ending 10/11

Monday Continued from Friday In Class: Learning Target: I can list features of a bank’s checking accounts that are good to look for when choosing a bank. Canvas>Personal Finance> Savings: Growing Wealth> Finding a Bank to Grow with Started 10/3 . Document is due by the end of class 10/7. Submitted through Canvas. HW: Do you […]

Week 6 ending 10/4

Monday In class: We will complete the StarMath assessment as required by the Curriculum Coordinator for OESU No HW unless you have work to make up. Tuesday/Wednesday In Class: Learning target: I know how to maintain a checking account: Complete the Green How to do your Banking p 16-22 No HW unless you have work […]

Week 5 ending 9/27

Monday Finish your Budgeting with Roommates role play. Two graded pieces of work: The Roommate agreement and the Budgeting sheet. One set per apartment. HW Get caught up with anything you do not have done. In 28 school days, the marking period ends. All late work is due by Friday 10/25. Tuesday/Wednesday Learning Target: I […]

Week 4 ending 9/20

Monday/Tuesday Time to finish the Find an Apartment assignment. HW Getting any missing work finished that you have not completed. Wednesday/Thursday: Presentations Make up work Friday Learning Target: I can list some considerations I need to think about having roommates. See Canvas    

Week 3 ending 9/13

Monday/Tuesday In Class: Workdays Finish the create your pay stub quiz. If you are ready (and there is one available) take someones quiz. If you can’t get this completed during these two days, I’ll call you back starting on Wednesday. In Canvas, complete the Percentage Practice Fall 2019 Quiz: I can work with Percentages If […]

Week 2 ending 9/6

Monday: No School Tuesday In Class: Learning Target: We will be able to calculate Gross Pay and Take-Home pay after deductions. Handout to keep HW Course Expectations Signature Wednesday Learning target: I can calculate net (takehome) pay. More practice? Graded work: Use the job you found last week, complete a pay check calculation. Over time:  […]

Week 1 (ending 8/30)

Wednesday In Class: What works for you? Needs vs Wants HW: Get the Course Expectations signed. Thursday In Class: Learning Target: We will be able to use a job search web site to find a job and complete a job application. Find a Job Activity <link> (25 points) My Example <link> Complete a job application […]