Jeopardy Labs (Final Exam Start)

Here is my example:

My Jeopardy Template

Jeopardy Assignment (100 point quiz grade and 1/3 of your Final Exam Grade)


You’ll have class time through Tuesday to begin to create your Jeopardy Game out at



for the password (lower case letters)

Email me the link to your game and to the edit page.
or use this link


5 categories – 5 questions per category

Each category must be from a different strand of ideas we’ve studied this semester.

Some ideas:

Earning money (pay check/ gross pay/net pay etc)

Taxes- Pay check with holding and Federal/State tax forms/return

Savings-Type of accounts Interest earned Simple and Compound

Loans and borrowing money

Credit cards

Automobile insurance

One-half (½) of your questions/answers must involve a calculation.

Here are a couple of question set up examples

screenshot-2016-11-18-at-10-26-02-am screenshot-2016-11-18-at-10-25-30-am

Here are some examples that other students made.

To play go here:

To play go

To play go here:

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