Personal Finance End of Course

Updated 1/3/2019:

Exams have been moved to 1/22 – 1/24

We have 3 more days of class time.

I’d like to have you do some research about planning a trip/vacation. To plan what we will do on Monday – Wednesday next week, complete this short Google form today (Thursday 1/3) <link>


The next 7 days of class you have to complete the following

  • Skill Packet 4 Due Monday 1/14. No exceptions.

Complete the research and development of the Final Project <link>

Barring the extension of the semester, presentations will happen Wednesday 1/16, Thursday 1/17 and Friday 1/18.

If you want to take a paper and pencil exam rather than complete and present a final project:

Creation of Jeopardy Game (1/3 of Final Exam Grade) Requirements <link>

By the end of class on Thursday 1/4 you must email me the game information I outlined.

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