Monday: No School


Show up to my classroom for the start of Period 2. The people from WMCC are coming to speak with you about Running Start, the dual enrollment opportunity you have for taking my Oxbow course..

In Class:

Learning Target: I can conduct a SRS, A Stratified SRS, A Systematic and a Cluster sample.

OpenStax Stats Lab 1.2


Canvas>Statistics>Find a Study Round 1  Due by the start of class Friday 9/6

Watch this video and complete the questions (About 20 minutes of video total) You may complete this on paper or using this google doc <link>   Due by the start of class Friday 9/6


In Class:

Yesterday’s Learning Target continued

Learning target: I can build a Frequency Table by hand and with a spreadsheet.

Old Faithful Eruption Times <link>

Cool Histogram applet <link>

Olive Garden HO <link>


See Tuesday

Olive Garden Work


In Class:

Another day to finish yesterday’s work if you need it.

Get the HW done.


Learning Target: I can identify different types of Observational Studies and understand good experimental design.

Any work that you do not have finished.


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