Week 4 ending 9/21


Multiple Monday

Learning Target: You will be able to remove a discontinuity and write an extended function to create a continuous function.

·         Exploration

·         P 85: 25, 27, 29, 30

If you want to watch a Mr Leckie video for section 2.3 <Flash: link>Mobile<link>


·         For Thursday: Watch and take notes (Section 2.4)  <link> Fill out the notes as you watch the video. This will take you between 20-30 min.

·         Problem Set 1

·         Optional: Working on FDWK Section 2.3-2.4


In Class

·         Working on section 2.3


  • PS 1
  • Video for Thursday


In Class

·         Finishing section 2.3

You also can start working on MathXL >HW Section 2.3 and 2.4


  • PS 1
  • Video for tomorrow


In Class

Questions from Video?

Working on section 2.4


  • PS 1
  • Section 2.4
  • MathXL Section 2.3 and 2.4


Get me your PS 1 work before lunch.

No class due to World Peace Day assembly. I will be around after school f you want some help.

I am looking to test you folks out of Chapter 2 ether Friday 9/28 or Monday 10/1.  I am leaning towards the Friday date.


Working on FDWK Section 2.4

MathXL Section 2.3-2.4

PS 2 Due Friday 9/28

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