Week 5 ending 9/28


In class:

Presentations of your find an apartment project.

I went through your slides on Saturday. If you did not have 12 slides completed, I entered a missing grade in MMS. If you complete this work before Monday @ 8AM, send an email and I will remove the missing grade entry so it won’t reflect on your progress report. I’ll enter your grade Monday afternoon after the presentations.


In Class:

A video to think about your spending

Learning Target: I can building a budget using a spreadsheet.

We will do this on paper and then set up a spreadsheet for your future use.

I am tied up in a meeting after school today


In Class:

Sample Budget Template <Make a Copy link>

We will finish yesterday’s work

New ideas:

Learning target: I understand what it means to pay yourself first and to build an emergency fund.

We’ll watch this:

and read short article.


We will set up an account with a simulated online bank

Another video that s worth watching on your own.

Here is a < link > to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps towards Financial Freedom.

Does anyone still need to do a presentation?


In Class:

Learning Target: I can write a check to someone and endorse a check three ways.

Make a deposit in the online bank

I am tied up in a meeting after school today


In Class:

Learning target: I can maintain a checking account.

Green Banking book.


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