Week 5 ending 9/28


Mad Minute 5

PS 1 Key

In Class:

  • Work day to finish Section 1.4 both book work and MOM work (both sections 1.3 and 1.4)


  • This work + PS 2 which is due Thursday. Don’t wait until the last day to start.


In Class:

Catching up if you have been slacking. Finishing the yellow 1.3 and 1.4 exercises + the MOM 1.3 and 1.4 exercises.

Working on the Practice Quiz. Here are my answers Practice Quiz 2 Key

Optional: The more summative assessments you complete, the less each one s worth. These are due by Monday 10/1 at class time

In Moodle, you will see a two part online quiz. Part 1 is a set of MOM style questions.

Part 2 is multiple choice. You are allowed 3 attempts. If you make an incorrect choice, you lose 1/3 of your credit.


PS 2 is due at the start of class.

These two sections of work.

I am tied up in a meeting after school today


In class: a work day to get caught up and prep for the quiz tomorrow.


Anything that you do not have finished.


PS 2 is due

Paper and pencil test on sections 1.3 and 1.4

When you are finished, you can work on the optional online quizzes opr work on PS3 .


I am tied up in a meeting after school today

PS 3 due Thursday 10/4

If you want to prep for tomorrow, watch this video about transformations. You did a lot with this in Algebra 2.


In Class

Review quiz

Learning Target: I can graph equations and write functions to represent the graphs of transformed toolkit functions.

HO in Yellow packet.

This geogebra sketch may help you out <link>


PS 3

Optional online quizzes in Moodle

For Tuesday, watch this video and complete the notes for section 1-6 in the yellow packet.  will spot check as another measure for the Transferable Skill:Self Direction.




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