Week 6 ending 10/4


In Class:

Review quiz

·         Exploration: Transformation of Toolkit Functions Jigsaw

·         Section 1.5 Book work in Packet

·         There is also a Moodle> MOM assignment for this section


·         This work

Watch this Sec 1.6 video and take notes for Wednesday


In Class

Work day for Section 1.5 (Book work + Moodle>MOM Sec 1.5


This work

Watch video for tomorrow


In class

Learning Target: I can find and evaluate the inverse of a function defined by a graph, equation, table and English.

·         Work day for Section 1.6 work

Notebook packet for 1.6 + Moodle>MOM work


·         Finish anything you do not have completed


In class:

Work Day. You will have another one on Tuesday


This week’s work.

We are testing out of Chapter 1 on Thursday 10/11

Tuesday/Wednesday are review practice test days ( Practice test in yellow packet)

Chap1 Practice Test Key + Graph

Make yourself a sheet of note of exercises/Ideas that are giving you trouble. You can refer to this as you take the in class test on Wednesday.

Complete the Online part of the Exam 1 exam in Moodle>Chapter 1 Work area. This is due by Midnight Friday night 10/12. You will not have classtime on Friday to work on it.


No school for you. My intention is for you to be able to take the weekend off. However if you are behind, you will want to to do precalculus.

I am working out at eTutoring Thursday/Friday/Saturday and Monday evenings 7-9:30 pm. You can find the log in info here <link>

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