Honors PC Week 8 ending 10/19


In Class:

Test back: Key

Learning Targets:

  1. I can use the correlation coefficient to determine the strength of the linear association between two quantitative variables.
  2. I can create a regression equation and and use it to make a prediction.

See Moodle Chapter 2>Section 2.4

  • Pages in blue packet.
  • MOM exercise set


  • This work
  • Problem set
  • Optional Linear Equation Review due 11/20.


In class:

A work day to finish up yesterday’s work


Problem Set

This work.


In Class:

Watch this video and take notes in blue packet.

Complete the exercises for this section in the blue packet.


  • This work
  • Problem set


In class:

  1. Work day to finish Section 2.5
  2. Also complete the MOM exercise set.


  • This work
  • Problem set (due tomorrow)


PS 3 is due at the start of class

In class

  • Questions about this week’s work?
  • Finishing it all up.

When you are ready or do this for Monday

Watch the Sec 3.1 video and complete the notes


The Sec 3.1 video and notes

PS 4 due Friday 10/26 PC PS 4 Key Fall 2018

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