Week 8 ending 10/19


15 minutes to work on your skill packet. This is going to be counted on Qtr 1 because the qtr does not end until 11/2.

Learning Target: I understand how the Stock Market Works.

Then we will get registered for the Stock Market Game.

Buy one stock in a company. You can use Wikipedia to find the stock market symbol.


If you are not here because of a field trip, spend 15 minutes on your skill packet.

15 minutes of skill packet time.

Learning Target: I can list some companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Buy some stock in one of the Dow Jones listed companies. <link>

Complete the Moodle >Risk Analysis Survey


15 minutes of skill packet time

Finish the risk assessment survey and spend your remaining money using those percentages (alternatively, create a new profile and use that you invest according to the robot)


15 minutes skill packet time

Learning Target: Student can calculate payments, total interest paid and calculate the cost of two of the three type of loans: Student Loans, Automobile Loans, Home Mortgage.

Here is the <link> to the loan payment calculator


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