Week 8 ending 10/19


  • Review  for test tomorrow.
  • There is an optional online version out at KutaWorks.
  • Get your notebook put together.


  • PS 3
  • Study for test


Test on Unit 1

Once you are finished with your test, you can work on your problem set (I changed the due date to Wednesday 10/17)


PS 3 if you are not done.


(Updated 10-17)

PS 3 is due at the start of class. Here is my PS 3 Key Fall 2018

If you want to review your test, call me back. I’d rather not do this in class. Overall Nice job folks. If you do not like your grade, get some practice and retest.

Learning Target:   I can find a numeric summary for a data set using a spreadsheet.

Computer work


Corrected Spreadsheet <link>

  • Go to <link> and play the challenge
  • For each of your 5 guesses, Record the error distance and and the points earned. Submit your results here <link>
  • Once everyone is done and has submitted their data, Grab a copy of everyone’s collected data <link>
  • I’ll walk you though the spreadsheet work.


  • PS 4: due Tuesday 10/23


Learning Target: I can create graphs using a spreadsheet and import them to a Google doc.

Computer work


PS 4


New version of spreadsheet <link>


PS 4


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