Week 10 (end of QTR 1) ending 11/2

Monday – Tuesday

In Class

Learning Target: I can work with derivatives of trig functions.

FDWK bookwork + MathXL assignment


Get this work done.

If you have time, go watch Mr Leicke’s Chain Rule video <link>

Wednesday – Friday

In Class:

Learning Target: We will be able to find the derivative of composite functions using the Chain Rule.

FDWK Section 3.6 + MathXL


This work + watch/take notes on the video below.

We need to be ready to work on Section 3.7 on Monday. I can allow Monday – Wednesday for that section.

Come into class on Monday with this video watched and notes taken.


PS 4 is due Thursday. 12/8. You had had 3 weeks to complete it.

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