Week 10 (end of QTR 1) ending 11/2


I have called you back on Wednesday if you have not passed both of the proficiency tests to date. If you need more than that, you should book me yourself.

In Class:

Learning Target: I can find the equation of a line in slope intercept form, point slope form and standard form.

Practice for the proficiency test on writing linear functions in the three different forms. This will be more than one problem.


Study for test


In Class:

Proficiency test.

After that we learn how to use a graphing calculator to find a regression equation and be able to use the equation to make a prediction. You did do this last year with Mrs B.

Wednesday + Thursday

Work day on section 2.4 paper exercises + Moodle> MOM Sec 2.4 exercises.


This work if you are not finished.

You may want to watch this video for tomorrow:.


In Class:

Learning Target: I can write an equation for a transformed absolute value function and I can graph.

Complete the exercises for this section in the blue packet. (ex # 1 – 9)


  • This work



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