Week 11 ending 11/8 (Start of QTR 2)


In Class:

Learning target: I can graph a linear function by using the x and y intercepts.

A HO with a few problems + finding slope of a linear equation

Then as a practice for a test on Thursday, there is also an online set of problems out at the Canvas portal.

If you want to do that assignment on paper, then print your version of it to the B-Wing Cloud printer. Then you can enter your answers and to check to see if you are correct.


Working on the review to prep for the test on Thursday.


In class:

More time to get that review finished.




In Class:

Jeopardy Style Review for test

You voted to NOT have a test.

Learning Target:I can write the equation of a line in slope intercept, standard and point-slope form. 

Notes and handout


Rest, practice if you need more. Let me know if you want the online practice to count as a test grade. If you want more ungraded practice see the KutaWorks site. That assignment does not have any table type questions.  am going to ask you some questions with tables to verify the ordered pairs could have come from a linear function.


A shortened class because of the Veteran’s Day assembly.

Finishing working the practice

A test on Evaluating functions/identifying Linear functions/Finding the slope of a linear function/Finding x and y intercepts and using them to graph a linear function.


Friday: No School

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