Week 11 (Start of QTR 2) ending 11/8


Last work day for section 3.6: Derivatives using the Chain Rule.

Complete the MathXL Sec 3.5 and 3.6 assignment also.


This work.

If you desire, you can watch Mr Lecke’s video <link> about implicit differentiation.

PS 4 is due by Thursday.


In Class:

Learning Target: I can use and apply implicit differentiation.

Some notes and time to work on section 3.7

Because some of you like to work on Online HW first, I have an assignment available out at MathXL. (first 5 questions)


Section 3.7

PS 4 is due by Thursday.

Wednesday and Thursday (PS 4 is due)

In class

Work day to finish Section 3.7

All FDWK book work 3.1 to 3.7 will be spot checked on Monday 11/12.


Any work that you do not have finished.


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