Week 12 and 13 ending 11/16 and then 11/20


Learning target: I can use polynomial division to find all real zeros and factor a polynomial.

Some examples

Section 3.4 in purple packet


This work.

If you are ready you can begin the Moodle>MOM Section 3.4-3.5-3.6 assignment. You will not be able to do all of them yet.


In class

Learning target : I can use technology and polynomial division to find all real zeros and factor a polynomial.

A couple of examples and then

Complete Purple packet section 3.5. If you want more worked out examples, use the Edition 1.5 to checkout out pages 198-203

You can also continue working on the MOM exercises.


The paper-based exercises

The MOM exercise set.


Work day : Get the paper based exercises completed by tomorrow.


In Class:

Learning Target: I understand why we need the complex number system and  I can add/subtract/multiply and divide complex numbers.

Working on Section 3.6.


This work


Workday: Get caught up.

Monday 11/19

In Class

Learning Target: I can factor a polynomial across the real numbers and across the complex numbers.

Some examples/practice

Complete the paper Section 3.6 exercses

Complete the MOM sec 3.4-3.6 exercises


This work

Tuesday 11/20


You will also have Monday 11/26 to finish this work.

Expect a paper and pencil test covering Sections 2.5 (Absolute value equations and inequality up through Section 3.6) on Friday 11/30


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