Week 12 and 13 ending 11/16 and then 11/20


In class:

Work day to finish sections 3.2 paper based exercises + MOM section 3.2 exercises.


This work.

There is also an optional quiz in Moodle>Precalculus>Chapter 3, MOM style covering Sections 2.4, 2.5, 3.1 and 3.2 which you may complete and have counted in MMS. This is due by Wednesday 11/28.

For Wednesday, watch this section 3.3 video and complete the Notes. You need to be ready to do exercises, not take notes on Wednesday


In Class


Get caught up, watch the video for section 3.3 if you do not have time this evening.


This work.


In Class:

·         Learning target: We will be able to write equations for polynomial functions given the graph or characteristics.


Working on Section 3-3.

There is also a MOM section if you prefer to do that first. Make sure to also do the paper exercises in the packet.

Optional Quiz

Name Project see <link> Due by 12/14.

Thursday – Tuesday 11/20

This work. Get it done.

Wednesday 11/21 – Friday 11/23

No School

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