Week 12 and 13 ending 11/16 and then 11/20


Skill Packet time 15 minutes. Remember that this is due Tuesday 11/20

·         Learning Target: We will be able to explain and apply vocabulary around Automobile insurance

Get the ideas flowing <link>

We will watch this video to understand three types of automobile insurance

Then you will use this study stack to show me you understand these terms. <link> Take the test or one of the other options to demonstrate your mastery.

You may work with at most two other people to complete this list of terms once you get some practice with the StudyStack <Google Doc>


In Class

·         Skill Packet Time: 15 minutes

·         Learning target We will be able to calculate costs associated with Auto Insurance Claims

·         HO Automobile problems

Wednesday – Tuesday 11/20

Skill packet work time (15 minutes each day)

Graded Work: Creating your own set of automobile questions word problems.

You need to submit 5 scenarios + answers.

This work is all due on Tuesday 11/20.

Here is the < link > to the Google Form. You need to copy and paste each scenario and answer response .

Here is a summary of assignments that are now do/past due:


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