Week 14 ending 11/30


Learning target: I can write and graph linear equations

Triples Card game as a way to review.


Create your own set of Triples cards. See handout for explanation. Here is another copy <PDF>

The Canvas Online Exercises.


In class:

Work day: Scoop sheets/Canvas work.

If you have the Canvas work completed, here is an online practice test <link>. This is NOT meant to be inclusive of everything I am going to ask you.



This work


In class:

  • A practice test (paper)
  • Work on Canvas assignments


  1. Scoop sheets
  2. Practice test
  3. Canvas Work

Thursday (Updated 11/29)

In class:

Jeopardy style review

Practice test


Make sure your practice test is completed

Make sure the Canvas assignments are completed.

Make sure to bring your notebook to class tomorrow


In Class

Another day of practice. There is another verson of the practice exam on the KutaWorks ste.

You can also do some more work on the Canvas MOM exercise for optional grades.

Test on Unit 2 moved to Monday as per your request. If you are ready to take it, you may.


Finish your Scoop Sheet if you have not already done so.

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