Week 15 ending 12/7


  • Test on Linear Function unit.
  • Leave your Notebook in your mailbox so  I can get a grade on it.


  • PS 5 is due Tuesday 12/11 PS 5 Key
  • Linear Functions Scoop sheet is past due.
  • If  have given the A OK on your scoop sheet, create your cards.


In class:

Learning Target: I can determine if a given point is a solution to a system of equations

HO and examples.

See Canvas for some graded practice. You do need to show some work on paper to receive credit. This is due by Friday 12/7.


  • Canvas MOM practice with today’s learning target.
  • PS 5

Wednesday (Updated 12/5)

We are seeing American Government’s Presidential debates.


In Class

Learning Target:  I can graph a system of equations to find the solution

HO with Notes for Notebook


See Tuesday


More practice with yesterday’s learning target

Paper Handout


See Tuesday


Learning Target: I can use technology to solve a linear system graphically (Desmos.com and a graphing calculator)

Practice HO


See Tuesday.


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