Week 16 ending 12/14

Monday – Wednesday

In Class:

  • Complete any work from Chapter 3 that you have not completed.
  • Complete the paper Practice Test. Here is my chap 3 practice test key
  • Complete the Moodle>Chapter 3 Optional test if you desire. If you have time, I recommend that you do this even if you decide to NOT count it in MMS.


  • This week’s work. Get ready for the Chapter 3 test on Thursday. Make a sheet of notes (dbl sided 8.5 by 11) if you desire.

  • Name Project see <link> Due by 12/14


In Class:

  • Chapter 3 test. Timed- You have the class period to complete it. You may start early if you desire.


  • Name Project see <link> Due by 12/14.


Review test

In Class

  • Learning Target: We will review rewriting exponential equations into the same base to solve
  • Graded Practice: MMM HO p 15 # 16-27 <key>
  • If you are missing class, here is a video of the in class examples


  • Today’s work
  • If you did not complete the Name Project, it is in MMS as Missing.


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