Week 17 ending 12/21


Here is my work for the Chapter 3 test.

If you want to go over this with me in person, schedule a CallBack slot.

In Class

Learning target: I can rewrite exponential and logarithmic expressions to evaluate expressions and solve equations.

Practice p 15 – 16: 28 – 44

My Work

Moodle MOM practice you can start.


In Class

·         Learning Target: We will be able to write an exponential model given an initial value and a rate of increase/decay and given two points.


Working on Lippman Section 4.1 Paper based exercises in Pink Notebook packet.


In class: Workdays to complete Sec 4.1 paper exercises + MOM MMM online Exercises.

Here is  My sec 4.1 work


Get this work done

Friday: No class: Holiday show.


See you next year.

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