Week 18 ending 1/4

Wednesday In Class:

Notes and examples for section 4.2

Learning Target: I can graph an exponential function and I can write an exponential model given a graph or conditions.

Notes p 9-11 Here is a video if you miss class

Complete the exercises on pp 13 to 17

Here is my work:


  • Paper based: PC Exam  Review Chapters 1- 3 + what we have completed in chapter 4 Completing this will add 5 points to your in class exam grade. This is due at the start of the exam, whenever that will be.  Here is my work to check PC Exam Review Key
  • In Moodle> MOM Midyear Exam Part 1. Due Monday of exam week. Whenever that is
Thursday/Friday In Class:

Work day

Finishing Section 4.2 work (Paper based)

Paper Exam Review:

Mid-year exam part 1 at MyOpenMath

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