Week 19 ending 1/11


Learning Target: We will be able to calculate and interpret confidence intervals and conduct significance tests of two dependent samples (matched pairs)

Here is a copy of the handout

Here is a link to a spreadsheet containing the data <link>


In Class:

Review practice problem

Learning Target: We will be able to perform a test of significance and calculate a confidence interval concerning the difference of the means for two populations, interpreting both results

HO + practice Problem


Moodle>MOM /MathXL assignment (you won’t be able to do it all, but you can start)



On Thursday, I’ll hand out the Investigative task

You will be able to review it tonight

Ask any questions on Friday

Written response is due by class time on Monday. Pay attention to the rubric on the back.


Learning Target: We will be able to apply and interpret a test and a confidence interval for the difference between two proportions.


Practice problems.


Moodle Quiz

New MOM/MathXL assignment


Investigative Task is due by Monday at class time.

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