Week 22 ending 2/1 (First week Semester 2)



In Class:

Review Exam

Learning Target: I can write an equation to represent a graph of a log function

Notes (pp 36 -39)

Exercises p 40-42


This work from today


In class:

Set up your Canvas account

Work day, finishing Section 4.5

My 4-5 key


This work

PS 1 is due Wednesday 2/6.


In Class:

Learning Target: We will be able to write and use exponential and logarithmic models models.

Notebook work + MOM: Modeling with Exponential Functions


In case you missed the notes in class, here is a video

Notebook work + MOM: Modeling with Exponential Functions

Exam Review

PS 1 Due Wednesday 2/6



In Class:

Work day finishing Chapter 4 and completing your Notes Packet. It is a Formative Completion grade. This will be collected At the start of class Wednesday 2/6

Here are my answers for the Notebook Section section 4.6

Sec 4.6 key + Practice test Key


This week’s work

We are looking at a Chapter 4 test next Wednesday. Use the exam + the chapter 4 practice to study.

In Canvas,  there is a multiple choice  Chapter 4 Test Part 1 (Required) Due by class time Wednesday

Monday 2/4 and Tuesday 2/5 review getting work done. Make a sheet of notes.

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