Week 22 ending 2/1 (First Week Semester 2)


In class:

Learning Target: I can show when a treatment works better than a placebo.

  • Two Proportion z test
  • Two Proportion z-interval

Some worked examples


This work (The last paper exercise)


In Class

Work day

  • MathXL
  • Canvas>MOM exercise set


This work

Wednesday (Late Start)

No Class


Warm up

Work day


This Work

Review Investigate Task 1 overnight. Be ready to ask questions tomorrow. Here is an active link to the StatCrunch file I mentioned:


Friday (Modified 1/30)

In Class

Questions about the investigate task?

Learning Target: I can conduct an ANOVA test to see if there is any difference between the means of three or more populations.

We will watch these 3 videos and complete the notes.anova notes



Investigative Task 1 Due Monday at classtime.


Investigative Task is due

Learning Target: I  know when to conduct a post hoc test and am able to interpret the results.

Paper Based exercises and using Stat Crunch to run these tests.


Investigative Task 1



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