Week 23 ending 2/8


Investigative Task is due at 8:47

In Class

Learning Target: I can conduct an ANOVA test to see if there is any difference between the means of three or more populations.

We will watch these 3 videos and complete the notes.anova notes


No HW.


Learning Target: I  know when to conduct a post hoc test and am able to interpret the results.

Paper Based exercises and using Stat Crunch to run these tests.


This work if you are not finished.


Workday on MathXL One-Way ANOVA

Online quiz in Canvas. Due Monday 2/11  by classtime. It covers inference techniques about the differences between two propositions and One-way ANOVA


This work


Last workday


See Wednesday


Correlation Lab (Data Collection)

Learning Target: I can match a scatter plot between two variables that have a strong linear association


The Canvas Quiz if you have not completed it.

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