Week 24 ending 2-15


If you want to retest on the paper part of the Chapter 4 test, see me (Callback works best)

In Class:

Learning target: We will be able to draw angles of rotation, identify: the quadrant the terminal ray is in, reference angles and reference triangles and find coterminal angles.

Notebook packet page 1 My answers <link>


This notebook page

I have a meeting after school until 3:15


In Class

Learning Target: We will be able to find angles and sides of special right triangles and angles and side lengths of reference triangles.

Notebook p 2 Here are my answers HW:

This work

I have a meeting after school until 3:15


In Class:

Learning Target: We will be able to convert angle measure from DMS to decimal degrees and vice-versa.

Notebook page 3

Here are my answers. Click for a larger version.

DMS and Decimal Degrees


This work

Eighth Grade help night until 3:15. They may not show.


Cumulative Bingo Review of this new material.

No HW if you are caught up and do not want a retest

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