Week 25 ending 3/1


Learning Targets:  I can combine exponents with like bases and I can rewrite negative and zero exponents

We will finish working those examples on the white sheet.

Some practice  out at KutaWorks <link> Due by Friday 3/1


This work


Learning Target: I can work with numbers written in Scientific Notation.

Some notes and practice problems


KutaWorks practice

Wednesday (Updated 2-28)

I was not in school. You were given the next problem set.


Learning Target: I can convert between exponential and radical forms

Notes / Practice

Explain proficiency work


KutaWorks practice if you are not finished.

PS 3. Due Thursday 3/7. See my answers to PS 2 if you need help with PS 2 key sp 19  something

A PDF copy of PS 3 Challenge 8 PS3 MK 3


In class:

Learning Target: I can rewrite radicals in equivalent forms

Notes/HO and practice


This week’s work. It is starting to snowball if you have not done anything.




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