Week 25 ending 3/1


In Class

· Learning Target: I can calculate r using z scores.

Learning target: I can decide if a correlation is statistically significant and correctly interpret the result. You’ll need a copy of this table <PDF: Critical Values of r>

· HO with built in review. Due by the end of class time tomorrow.


This work if you are not done.


Learning target: We will be able to explain why Correlation does not mean Causation.

Watch AAO <link>

Go to <link>

Choose your own wacky pair of variables.

Record them as x and y

Use a spreadsheet or statcrunch to draw a scatterplot and calculate r

Screen capture your graph and make a post in Canvas

Also make sure you can explain why causation does not exist. Suggest some lurking variables.

Make sure to see my example in the Canvas Discussion


This work


In Class:

Some practice, on paper, to help you gain some expertise in understanding how correlation as a measure of the linear association between two quantitative variables works. You have to do this and show me your work.

In Canvas, you’ll also find a MOM assignment about correlation. You must do the last question or you will not receive full credit. Make sure to submit a link to your spreadsheet (See Canvas) or your work on paper.


This work


In class: One more work day.


In class:

Learning Target: We will be able to find a linear regression model and explain why the LSRE is the best linear model to use.

We will watch this: <link>

Activity 28-1 <link>


Canvas> MOM Correlation if you are not finished.

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