Week 25 ending 3/1


You did complete the MathXL Chapter 5 Test?

In Class

I got called out of class today

Watch this Mr Lecke Video during class:





If you have time, try the slope-field HO.

  • Learning Target: Given a differential equation, we will be able to sketch the corresponding slope field and graphically solve initial value problems.
  • MMM Handout of slope fields
  • You can use this applet to check your work <link>


  • The HW part of the Handout
  • PS 1 Sp 19 Due Wednesday 3/6 at the start of class.
  • If you have time and want to watch the next set of videos

If you would rather see the flash versions <link>


Assembly, probably no class time



In Class:

  • Learning target: We will be able to find a general solution to a differential equation by separating the variables.
  • Working on Sec 6.1

A HO + here is my work sep deq key mmm


  • Finishing Section 6.1
  • PS 1
  • Section 6.2 videos


In class:

  • If you are still not finished with Section 6.1, get it done
  • If you are ready to roll with Section 6.2, start
  • That learning target is: We will be able to find the antiderivative (the general solution) using a u substitution.
  • We will also be able to solve an initial value problem.


  • Working on sec 6.2
  • PS 1


  • Keep working on whatever section you are on.
  • There is a MathXLFor Schools assignment that you can do also..


  • Whatever you do not have finished
  • PS 1

Monday 3/4

In Class

  • Warm up
  • Working on Section 6.2


  • This week’s work
  • Don’t forget the PS 1 due on Wednesday



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