Week 25 ending 3/1


In Class:

  • Learning Target: We will be able to sketch angles of rotations measured in radians and find reference angles in radians.
  • HO + Radian Ref angle key


This work.


Assembly no class

Show up for attendance and we will hang until called. A good time to spot check that practice HO.

For bonus points: Watch this

Take notes on the notebook pages 7 – 9



Learning Targets:

  • We will be able to convert between degree and radian measure
  • We will be able to find coterminal angles in degree (this is review) and in radian measure (This is new)
  • We will be able to work with the arc length of a sector.

Graded work: Complete Notes page 10 and 12. Here are my answers: P 10 – 12 Answers

In Canvas, you’ll find a MOM assignment also.


Today’s work

For Friday,  watch this video and complete the notes on pages 15 – 17


Work day to complete Section 5.2 (paper and MOM)



Learning target: We will be able to evaluate sine and cosine using points on a circle.

Working on pages 18 -20 in Note packet Here is my sec5-3 key

Working on MOM assignment in Canvas Sec 5-3


  • Anything you do not have finished.

Monday will also be a work day


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