Week 26 ending 3/8


In class:

A continuation from Friday

Learning Target: I can rewrite radicals in equivalent forms

Practice HO from Friday

Try this practice test in Canvas

Once you complete the Practice test, you will have access to a Canvas Quiz on this unit.  You should complete this by classtime next Monday (3/11)


This work

PS 3 is due by Friday ( I won’t see you on Thursday)

Tuesday No School Town Meeting Day

Wednesday and Thursday

You are not going to see me. Keep working on Monday’s assignments.


PS 7 is due at the start of class. It gets marked late after 8 am. It goes to a 0 on Monday 3/11

In Class:

Any questions?

Start work on Paper Slide video. See this link.


This work

PS 4 Due Friday 3/15


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