Week 7 ending 3/15


In Class

Learning Target:  I can find the simple interest paid and the account balance after finding the periodic rate.


In Canvas, You will find a short (5 questions) quiz. This is assumed to be open note, but not open neighbor. This is due by classtime Monday 3/18. It covers finding simple interest and account balances.


Learning target: We will understand and be able to calculate using a formula and an app how making regular deposits into an account takes advantage of Compound Interest.

HO  compound-interest

Then using this applet  <link>


Any missing work?

Canvas Quiz

Read this short article <link> about Investing and Growing Wealth.


Learning Target: I can explain the difference between Investing and Saving

What is the Stock Market?


Graded work: Can you beat the Stock Market <link>


Any missing work?

Canvas Quiz


Same Learning Target

Our Stock Market Simulation.

There is a Stock Market Simulation  set up here <link>. Sign in with your Oxbow Gmail account and see the whiteboard for the password.

Get all $100K invested.

You may also use any remaining time to complete missing work.


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