Week 27 ending 3/15



In Class:

Learning target: We will be able to find exact values for tangent, cotangent, secant and cosecant ratios


·         Graded work p 22

If you are not here today:4


This work

In Canvas you will see a MOM Section 5.4 (No identities)

You will also see a quiz. This quiz is due Friday 3/15 at the start of class


In Class:

Learning Target: We will be able to rewrite trigonometric expressions using trig identities

·         Practice This website may provide additional practice <link>

·         HO <answers in Moodle>

·         If you need some help you can watch these videos <link>

We will work on the second part of section 5-4 in the packet.


This work

The quiz in Canvas

MOM exercises.


Work day simplifying trig expressions


Learning Target: I can verify a trigonometric identity.

Work day in packet


Anything that you do not have completed.


Anything that you do not have finished through Section 5.4 get it complete.

Outside of class project: Paper Slide Video See


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