Week 27 ending 3/15


Warm up/Review in Blue Comp books

Working on FDWK Section 6.2

MathXL Section 6.1 and 6.2 Due Monday 3/18


Warm up/Review in Blue Comp books


Warm up/Review in Blue Comp books

  • Learning Target: We will be able to evaluate situations involving exponential growth and decay that require calculus.
  • HO  and my answers MMM Exponential Growth Answers


This work + the rest of FDWK Section 6.4


Get Chapter 6 work finished.

Once I see that it is done, I’ll release a practice test in MathXL. The actual Test in MathXL is due by Monday 3/25 at class time. A big grade at the end of the Marking period.

Tuesday 3/19 we start Chapter 7.

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