Week 28 ending 3/22



In case you are behind:

Get the proficiency test passed (10 people have done this already)

Get a problem to solve for the video/solve it/create the sides (10 or more works best) / create the video/upload it to your drive and share it here <link>

New work

Learning Target: I can classify polynomials by their degree and number of terms


Exit Ticket (Use ABCD cards) <link>


PS 5 due Thursday

Anything that you do not have completed. I’ll make myself available for both Tuesday/Wednesday CB2 this week.


In Class

Learning Target: I can add and subtract polynomials



This work

anything that is not completed

PS 5


Looks like I will see you on Thursday

Practice with this week’s work.

Paper HO

Online practice out at Kutasoft if you want the grade.

Canvas Quiz


PS 5 is due Thursday

Anything that is not finished. The marking period ends on Friday 3/29. I do not wan to have to grade anything for MK 3 after Wednesday.


No school for you.

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