Week 28 ending 3/22


Trig Identity Paper Slide video.

Spot check the 10 identities your were assigned last week.

More details about the Trig Identities Paper Slide Video See Canvas.

Learning Target: I can solve application problems using right triangle trig.

Notes on Notebook pages 25-26.

Working on pages 27-28

if you are not in class, watch this video and take notes on pp 25-26New


Anything that you do not have completed.


Workday completing yesterday’s work

Trig Identity video

Completing Chapter 5 Practice test. Lippman Ch 5 Practice Test Key




Same as yesterday.

There is a Chapter 6 Test in Canvas. If you want it to count on Qtr 3 grades, get it completed before Friday 3/29 and let me know whether you want it to be included in Qtr 3. Otherwise it is due by class time 4/1

We are going to start Chapter 6 on Wednesday 3/27.


No school for you.

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