Week 30 ending 4/5 (First Week Qtr 4)


Working on finding volumes of revolution


MathXL Sec 7.1 – 7.2 if you are not completed with it

Math XL Sec 7.3-7.3 if you want to start it.


Learning Target: I can find the length og an arc using an integral

Working on Sec 7.4: P 416: 1 – 9 odds


See Monday/Tuesday


Learning Target. : I can apply L’Hopital’s Rule for the indeterminate forms 0/0 and ?/?

A few problems

See Monday/Tuesday

and that is a wrap of the material you will be tested on May 14th.

We will start doing AP test on Monday

By the end of May, you need to complete the Multi-part Online exam out at MathXL. If you can get it done before May 13th, I will add 10 points to your final exam grade (up to full credit)



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