Week 30 and 31 ends 4/11


In groups of one/two/three:

Choose a Non-Parametric inference test to learn about and prepare a presentation for the rest of us.

See the Table 13-2 I have provided + the Handout

You may also use the Internet applets / StatCrunch to find tools that perform your selected test.

On Wednesday/Thursday AprilĀ  10 and April 11 you will present your findings to the rest of us

Make sure to include a tool that will perform the calculation for us.

Tuesday 4/2 Tuesday 4/9

Work days to research and prepare your presentation

You also need to complete the MathXL Quiz on Chi-Square Testing

Wednesday 4/10 – Thursday 4/11

Presentations of your chosen test. Groups randomly drawn. If you are not ready to present if your group is drawn, you forfeit one letter grade.

Friday 4/12 No School

Enjoy your break.


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