Week 12 ending 4/11



Skill packet work time (15 minutes each day)

Graded Work: Creating your own set of automobile questions word problems.

You need to submit 5 scenarios + answers.

This work is all due on Tuesday 4/9.

Here is the < link > to the Google Form. You need to copy and paste each scenario and answer response .


In Class

Skill Packet 1 work time

Learning Targets:  I can calculate the number of hours worked from a time card and calculate take home pay.

HO: Time cards

The rest of the class period can be spent making up work.


Skill Packet 1 work time (15 minutes)

Learning Target: I can explain the basic ideas about health insurance

See <link>


Skill packet 1 is due

See Vermont Plan Comparison Tool 2019 – Advice and Explanations

Health insurance scenarios

Friday No School

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