Week 13 ending 4/26


In Class

Percentage Review (10 minutes)

15 minutes working an Skill Packet 2. This is due Friday 5/3. You have 10 days to complete 14 pages of calculations.

Learning Target: I can explain costs associated with health care.

See Vermont Plan Comparison Tool 2019 – Advice and Explanations

Health insurance scenarios. We will look at ones I made and then you need to create 5 scenarios for costs associated with health care.


Anything you did not complete before April Break. See MMS. Progress reports go out May 8th. The 11th and 12th grade Core teachers may send out a warning notice before this.


15 minutes working an Skill Packet 2

Time to complete your Health Insurance Scenarios and any work that you have not completed.


15 minutes working an Skill Packet 2

Learning Target: We will be able to understand what is included in an Advanced Health Care Directive and complete one. <link>

Thursday and Friday

In Class

·         15 minutes Skill Packet Time

Why Life Insurance? <link>

My Plan your funeral example presentation <link>

Plan your funeral:

  • You need to include decisions about
  • Burial/Cremation
  • Services?
  • Costs

You need to make an 8 slide (minimum) presentation.

We will present Wednesday/Thursday next week

This link might help <link>

Something to do if you are bored:


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