Week 16 ending 5/17


Skill Packet 3 work time. Make sure to pick up the correct copy of the checkbook reconciliation pages.

Finishing the Self Employment Tax calculation.


Skill Packet 3 Work time

One of you asked to learn about paying for a meal in a restaurant.

Find the menu of your favorite restaurant (or perhaps a new one). My family just ate here this last week <link>

Here is my example <link>

Identify how many people

What did they order?

Total bill

What rooms and meals tax should be charged?

How much tip are you going to leave? What did you do to figure this out?

Prepare a presentation about how you calculated the tip and totsl amount to leave. Are you paying for it with a Debit/Crdit card or cash? Present how you calculated the tip on Thursday/Friday, whichever day we are here (Community Service day is happening either Thursday or Friday, weather dependent.)


If we get through this more quickly and we do not need all week, We’ll create a will

If time allows We will begin work on part of your final exam.

You need to create and share with me:

5 separate kahoots <example>  or   a 5 topic Jeopardy game

Each category must be from a different strand of ideas we’ve studied this semester.

Some ideas:

Earning money (pay check/ gross pay/net pay etc)

Taxes- Pay check with holding and Federal/State tax forms/return

Savings-Type of accounts Interest earned Simple and Compound

Loans and borrowing money

Credit cards

Automobile insurance

One-half (½) of your questions/answers must involve a calculation.

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