In Class:



In Class:

The rest of class:

Graded Work: You will choose  one variable from the data and create a graph to display some aspect of the the data. I’ll show you how to turn this in tomorrow.


See Wednesday

In Canvas>Modules>Week 1 ending 9/3> MOM Types of Variables assignment Due by Tuesday by 1:30 pm



In Class:

Learning Targets:

Logging in Canvas joining this year’s class. I’ll walk you through this.

Make a Canvas forum post online. (See Canvas Week 1)

Completing the 5 – W’s assignment (See Canvas Week 1)


This work if you are not finished. Due by the end of the day Tuesday (9/7 @ 2:30)


Work days

What is due:

  1. Course Expectations Sign-off (25 points Formative)
  2. Canvas>Benefits of working hard this year and taking Challenging Courses discussion forum post (25 points formative)
  3. Canvas>Week 1> MOM Types of Variables (25 points formative)
  4. Learning Target: We will be able to make a post in a Canvas Forum including how to display an image. Canvas Discussion forum Post (25 points Formative)
  5. Learning Target:  We will be able to analyze a report by identifying the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of it all>Canvas Discussion forum Post  (50 points Summative)




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