Monday: No School


WMCC will speak to you about Running Start, the dual enrollment opportunity you have by taking this course at Oxbow.

Course Expectations Sign-off is due.

If time remains in the period, you will set up your Canvas account.

Work on the Order of Operations MOM exercise. Due Friday 9/13.


In Class:

Learning Target: I can work with the Toolkit functions and recognizing each in tabular, graphical, algebraic and descriptive forms.

Looking at some examples. For future notes, I am going to “flip the classroom” meaning you’ll watch videos and take notes on the videos outside of class and we’ll spend class-time getting practice. Note this week’s HW

Working on the paper exercises for Section 1.1 exercises in Notes Packet

Here are the “official” answers for you to check your work.<link>


This work if you are not finished.

For Monday 9/9:  Watch this video <link> and complete pages 13-15 the Chapter 1 packet.


In Class:

Finishing Book Work.

If you are finished with the paper based exercises and checked your answers:

Canvas>Chapter 1>MOM Sec 1.1



In class:

Anything that you do not have finished.


See Wednesday

It would behoove you to be finished with everything assigned for Monday. Yes that will mean some math hw this weekend.


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