You may be taking the Accuplacer. Hope you do well and can show that you are capable of college level classes. Spend 20-30 minutes outside class making this time up.


Finishing Sec 1.1 and starting section 1.2

Working on the two Moodle>MOM assignments Order of operations and MOM sec 1.1


Anything that you do not have completed.

In Canvas>Chapter 1 there are a couple of optional online tests on these two sections. If you want these grades transferred to IC, let me know. Attempting them even if you do not want to finish them would be a good way to study.

You are taking a paper an pencil test covering Sections 1 and 2 on Friday.


Another work day

Same HW


Review activity in class


Study for the test. Make a sheet of notes if you desire (8.5 by 11 dbl sided)


Paper and pencil test. Timed. You need to finish it during the class period. You may start early if you are in the room.


The optional tests if you desire

Problem Set 1 Due 9/19 at the start of class.

Don’t forget about completing the Running Start forms to enroll in the Precalculus Dual enrollment course. Deadline 10/1


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