Quiz on solving one/two step equations and equations that require a distribution and combining like terms to solve.

When you are finished with the quiz, do you have any online work in Canvas that needs completing?


PS 1 is due at the start of class Thursday. Being our first problem set, I’ll sit with you during a callback or after school on Wednesday ( in Ms Gieselman’s room)


You’ll sit for the StarMath Test today. We need to have you take this Now, in January and in May. We will also take a three SBAC Interim tests during this school year to prep you for the SBAC this Spring.



PS 1 Due Thursday @ the start of class. Turn it in early if you are going to miss class Thursday.


I have a paper based set of retest practice problems + I loaded it out at  the KutaWorks site for even more practice. See me if you want access

In Class:

Learning Target: I can solve equations with variables on both sides.

Notebook work

A few practice problems on paper



PS 1 is due at he start of class.

More practice with yesterday’s learning target.

Need a retest? Have you done the retest practice and checked in with me?


PS 2. Due Semester 26 at the start of class.


Lateral Thinking practice

Learning Target: I can Identify tools and design procedures needed for collecting, managing, and analyzing information.

Crossing the River with Dogs Chapter 1: Draw a Diagram

Presenting your group[‘s chosen problem set exercise.


PS 2

Anything you do not have finished.

You can complete the KutaWorks HO also.


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