Finish your Budgeting with Roommates role play. Two graded pieces of work: The Roommate agreement and the Budgeting sheet. One set per apartment.


Get caught up with anything you do not have done. In 28 school days, the marking period ends. All late work is due by Friday 10/25.


Learning Target: I can build a budget to track my spending

NGPF activity


Get caught up with anything you do not have done.


In Class:

Learning Target: I can complete the New 1040 Income Tax Return Form

New 1040 Income Tax Tables <link>

Keep this in mind for early next year: If you are looking for some help in filing your own income tax return, Check out the Free File options here <link>

At the end of class:

A video to think about your spending



Learning Target: I can write a check and I know how to endorse the check using a blank endorsement, a restrictive endorsement and a special endorsement.

Check writing activity.

Investigate some bank charges.


Anything you have yet to complete.

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